Thursday, December 2, 2010

The perFECT relationship


In the following discuss we are going to bring to light many of the relationship techniques for a lasting partnership. Many relationships have suffered severe shipwreck as a result of ignorance, lack of commitment and focus. This is largely due to the fact that many relationships have failed to follow the laid down rules and principles that govern a lasting relationship.

When we talk of a relationship, we have in mind two distinct individual who have crossed many barriers to feel at home with each other and make each moment a most happy one. However, the basic ingredient for a lasting relationship is LOVE. This means that there must be that feeling of intimacy, passion, spark and spasm. Such feeling of happiness, joy and longing for the person must exist. A relationship based on love has no room for failure. Therefore, the integral element unifying a relationship is that one thing called true LOVE. You will have a longing for the person always. When you develop a feeling for that individual, you will definitely care, love and cherish the person’s company. A person with such love will never do things that will disgust, displease or make the partner feel bad. The basic element governing a lasting relationship is LOVE…

Another unifying element that contributes to the effectiveness of a lasting relationship is good communication. A good relationship based on mutual understanding is always open for growth. This means that partners must be open, sincere, truthful and never be secretive. Each partner must be open minded and free with each other. This entails that they speak to one another concerning their failures, areas of improvement and always look forward to foster unity and good relationship. Considering the fact that they come from different backgrounds, cultures, homes and even religion thus they cannot agree on all issues. However, with love they can come out of their differences and unite to foster a long lasting relationship. Therefore, partners must sit down and table their differences and sought a way out of the problem. “What you know you don’t like, don’t do it to others”
That rule is as good as honey when followed. Partners should try their best possible to adapt to situations and overlook the imperfection and failures of their mates. A lasting relationship thrives under the umbrella of love, good communication and the overlooking of the imperfections and failure of others.

The key elements that govern a lasting relationship are as follows. Later we will discuss on each of them
Self control
Harsh and sarcastic language
Positive reasoning
Never insist on doing things a certain way – your way
Be patient
How do you react under pressure
Get to know each other better
Look beyond outward appearance
Manipulative, possessive, jealous attitude…